The generosity of our donors has positioned the Chanda Plan Foundation as a local and national leader in providing integrative therapies to individuals with physical disabilities and advocating for systemic change.

Foundations & Donor Trusts

A.V. Hunter Trust, Anschutz Foundation, Anschutz Family Foundation, Bachus & Schanker Cares Foundation, Carl Forstmann Memorial Foundation, Denver Foundation, Frank & Jo Collins Family Foundation, Gannett Foundation, John G. Duncan Charitable Trust, Juanita Gregg Foundation, Little Oak Hill Foundation, Mabel Y. Hughes Charitable Trust, Ruby Family Charitable Trust.


Arc Thrift Stores, Boulder Community Health, Cisco, Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities (CFPD), Craig Hospital, Mercury Gives, SCI Recovery Project.


Anthony’s Pizza and Pasta, Accessible Systems, Application Experts, BioDentist, BMC, Chipotle, Chubb Insurance, Dennis Hogan & Associates, First Bank, Fleishman & Shapiro, Golden Triangle Construction, Gottlob Asphalt, Dr. Jen Hartley, Law Firm of Saul Sarney, Lewan & Associates, Hanger Clinic, Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (MTIC), Metier Law Firm, Nichez, Noble Energy, NuMotion, Performance Mobility, Personal Assistance Services of Colorado (PASCO), Public Partnerships of Colorado, Saunders, USA Mobility, Wheel Comfort


Anonymous (2), Nathan & Michelle Colburn, Kevin & Lisa Durban, Rick Ellis, Brian Ellwood, Raymond & Kristy Faus, Mary Taylor & Richard Freeman, Trevor & Ericka Haake, Jeff & Kerry Hutcheson, Gretchen & Steve Kalal, Sam & Michele McCandless, Chris Monfort, Rhonda & Louie Myers, Seth & Lauryn Meyer, Tim & Jeanette O’Neil, John & Sarita Panowicz, Jeff Salzenstein, Sharon Scott.


Anonymous, Heidi & Eric Anderson, Sarah Allen, Cara & Len Beasley, Lisa & Michael Blandford, April Boehm, Karen Borkowski Surine, Stephanie Brennan, Mark Burnsed, Darrel & Judy Burr, Vineta Campau, Clyde Carper III, Virginia Carducci, Linda Carducci, Jack Cavanagh, Ed & Brenda Combs, Angela Cook, Amber & Matt Cornwell, Stephen & Kathy Corsale, Pam Davis, Amy Dickinson, Steve & Carrie Doyle, Denise Ellinger, Jeff & Michelle Epp, Raymond & Kristy Faus, Ryann Gale, Melissa & Sol De Picciotto, Karen & Ron Graves, Patrick Hester, Ron & Sue Hester, Whitney Hester, Dan Hester, Jack Kerr, Arjan Khalsa, Steve & Vicki Larson, Chanda Hinton Leichtle, Paul Leichtle, Charity & Ryan Marr, Chelsey & Jacob Miller, Robyn & Jeff Moon, Kenneth McKillican, Larry Merrihew, Steve Moore & David Wigington, Karen Morroni, Ana Mostaccero, John & Marily Movius, Mazen Mukayess, Len & Trish Norten, Anne Patton, Collin Placke & Caroline Nicholson, Alyssa Ploof, Craig Pollitt, Sharita Richmond, Anna Robinson, Julia Sartain, Brook & Dave Sautter, Lawrence Scicluna, Gretchen Selfridge & Steve Kalal, Steve & Mona Shapiro, Tom & Lisa Snyder, Julie Speer, Steve & Kellie Sponberg, Gabrielle Steckman, Beau & Erin Stephenson, Maggie Stephenson, Ben & Kristin Stockman, Lana & Tyler Trofholz, Melissa & Peter Winthers, Len & Judy Wisneski.

“While integrative therapies have become more common across the country for coordination of care and wellness, those with chronic disabilities aren’t always included as beneficiaries of such treatment. Fortunately, with The Chanda Plan’s expertise, passion and pioneering work on this front we have a local-state-national model for integrative patient-centered medical services to those with spinal cord injury and chronic disability. Truly remarkable and visionary leadership.” John Weeks