Chanda Plan Foundation Receives Medicaid Provider Designation

Foundation to offer integrative therapies to patients covered by Colorado Medicaid Spinal Cord Injury Waiver

DENVER – The Chanda Plan Foundation is becoming a Medicaid provider to offer acupuncture, massage and chiroprac- tic care to individuals covered by Colorado’s Medicaid Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Waiver. The Foundation will be one of two Medicaid SCI-designated providers in the state.

Philanthropic funds provide continuing care at the Chanda Plan Foundation for patients with a range of long-term physical disabilities. For individuals eligible under the SCI Waiver, Medicaid will reimburse for services provided by the Founda- tion beginning May 16.

“Our goal is that these services will become permanently integrated into Medicaid for all long-term care conditions in Colorado and other states nationwide,” says Chanda Hinton-Leichtle, Chanda Plan founder and executive director. “We’re trying to create a new model for sustainable health care for people with long-term physical disabilities.” 

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